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Travis Puryear

About Travis Puryear

Travis Puryear is a devout Christian and family man. Travis holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. He has worked in the service industry, car sales, construction, mobile phone sales and management, and served 9 years in the US Army Reserves. During his time in the Army Reserves, he was given experimental lots of the anthrax vaccine which forever changed his life and destroyed his health. Travis struggles daily, both physically and mentally, from the affects of this experimental vaccine, but he refuses to give up. 

Travis loves the outdoors and feels closest to God in the outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and even yardwork. If it is outside, Travis usually enjoys it. While his capabilities have been severely limited by the friendly fire incident involving the vaccine, Travis refuses to give up the things in life that bring him the most joy. He truly knows that tomorrow is not guaranteed and does his best to make the most of every day.

Friendly Fire

a tale of the betrayal of one soldier by the government.

Friendly Fire: The Betrayal Of One Soldier by the Government is now available for you to read. Go through the following platforms now and join Travis in his story of betrayal.


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Travis Puryear

About The Book

Thinking of the federal government using its own citizens and troops as guinea pigs wrenches thousands of hearts. The determined soldiers of our homeland sign up to sacrifice their lives to defend the country we love, and what does the government do? Experiment on them and risk their lives. If you still think that our government would never use its citizens or troops as the experimental mouse, you need to think again!

A real-life and crucifying story of Travis Puryear, Friendly Fire: The Betrayal Of One Soldier by the Government takes you through the journey of a young, fit, and fun-loving man to a broken shell of a man by the time he was in his middle 30s. The series of forced anthrax vaccinations changed Travis’ life forever! Most of the soldiers were not injured during the anthrax vaccination, however; Travis was one of those unfortunate candidates who was injected with a secret adjuvant called squalene that was not approved for use by the FDA in the vaccination.

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Travis Puryear

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